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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

We strive to provide innovative, high quality products at a good value that will, in turn, allow you to offer customers well designed and well made products at practical price points. Through building a sustainable business model as such, everyone, including the end user, is left satisfied.

Our Employees

From the front office to the back warehouse, our employees are devoted to customer service and making sure you get the products necessary to maximize your business functions.

Our Company

Starting as a pioneer in the waterbed industry set the pace for Pacific Manufacturing & Distributing. By capitalizing on the expertise gained from both retail and wholesale endeavors, we evolved naturally into developing one of the finest lines of solid American Oak futon frames. From customer input to inspiration from the resurgence of Arts & Crafts style design, Pacific has been able to offer a widespread, yet reliable, line of furniture. From futons, Pacific Manufacturing and Distributing has moved on to embrace the bedding revolution, expanding our core competencies to offer well made, well designed platform beds and other dependable home furnishing lines to fit the burgeoning needs of consumers.

The Best of Both Worlds

We offer you the option to order by container or have items pulled from our warehouse... or both!


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